The intention of TOOLBOX is to provide a mobile learning platform about electronic materials for amateurs who are not well versed in electronics but wants to be empowered by technology.

Main Tools Used
After Effect; JustInMind;
Testing a flexible conductive fabric

The Challenge

When I was researching electronics for prototyping wearables I encountered lots of difficulties requesting samples and learning new materials which happen to other designers a lot as well. There is an opportunity in representing the tactile experience on screens by taking advantage of the 3D touch screen to solve this issue.

Final Pages

Brief Concept Development

Heuristic Evaluation

Mental Model & Feature Set

Persona & User Case


Style Guide

other Works

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I come from Shanghai and now I’m based in Los Angeles. Currently, I’m open for new opportunities in California. I have experience in web applications, mobile apps as well as the internet of things. I also write as a designer.

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