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Project Description

Design Goals:

  • Find the best pricing structure;
  • Flesh out RR’s service value;
  • Encourage potential customers to try out our products;

My Role:

I was responsible for UI and UX design as well as facilitating a design sprint dedicated to redesign pricing structure.

 Latest Pricing Page Version

We started from single price to 2 pricing tiers to the current single price with monthly/annual subscription.

The Earliest Pricing Page Version

The earliest pricing page was text-heavy and conversions are low. Although users mentioned that the price is clear.

A Pricing Page Design Sprint

As the sprint facilitator, I gathered co-workers from the customer service team, engineering team, product owner, and our CEO. We ideated and prototyped 2 solutions for an A/B test in Optimizely. One is a single plan with less description and the other is a two 2 pricing tiers plan. If you want to learn more about this design sprint process, check out my blog post –

How Google Apps Facilitate A Remote Design Sprint

For Your Company’s VERY FIRST Design Sprint

The A/B test result showed the single plan below still drove a better conversion rate which was against our expectations. We thought a cheaper pricing tier would attract more potential customers, but the result shows that our target customers prefer fewer choices and more transparency.

The Third Pricing Page Iteration

After I gathered enough user behavior data from the previous iteration. I redesigned the pricing page to make it more effective and visually appealing.

The Icon Set Design

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Design Sprint
Icon & Graphics
User Experience
User Interface
User Testing


Case Studies


Adobe Illustrator
Sketch App

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