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Project Description

Design Goals:

  • Improve the conversion rate.
  • Make the homepage more interactive.
  • Let the homepage speaks to RR’s target audience/personas better.

My Roles:

I was responsible for UI & UX design as well as user testing. I also initiated the ideas of providing a credit simulator and re-categorized RentReporters’ consumer groups.

The Start

When I was reading RentReporters’ Facebook reviews, I found the most frequent questions and concerns were regarding how much credit score would improve after signup and how long it would take to see the improvement. Of course this was all about RR’s service – raising credit score by reporting your rent history. However, it’s almost impossible to devise an accurate way to pre-calculate the score improvement since everyone’s situation is slightly different.

The Credit Simulator

Although we could not calculate the exact score improvement, we could still provide the user with worthwhile estimates based on particular user cases and cross-reference them against our rich customer database.  This is exactly what our users were searching for and talking about on our social networks. In this simulator, we can better estimate it for them based on more authentic data.

The final design –

Updating The Personas

RentReporters’ original personas were simply based on credit tiers

Based on our customer database and reviews, I updated RentReporters’ personas into 3 main categories:

  1. Rebuilding Credit;
  2. Home Buyers;
  3. Credit Starters;

3 according landing pages were created dedicated for these 3 categories. Users can access these landing pages from RentReporters’ home page.

Home Page Redesign – Persona Sections Added

Previous Home Page Versions

Project Details

Skills Needed:

User Experience
User Interface
User Testing


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