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Project Description

Design Goals:

  • Collect personal info, landlord info, as well as rental history before checkout;
  • Perform basic credentialing and error handling;
  • Maintain good conversion rates;


Mortgage payments give homeowners a powerful way to build credit. Renters, however, lose out: Most credit scoring models don’t consider rent. Even when it is considered, most renters’ payments don’t get reported to the credit bureaus.

RentReporters  informs the credit bureaus about a tenant’s rental payments so the information can be added to credit reports. A tenant needs to signup on to utilize this service.

My Role

The design of the whole sign up process was started from scratch. I was responsible for both UI and UX design, as well as conducting user tests during version updates. I also worked with developers and product owner on mapping out the error handling in order to create a friendly system feedback.

Latest Version On Desktop:

Starting From The Macro Rent-Reporting User Journey

I didn’t dive into the signup flow right away. Instead, I stepped back and took a look at the holistic picture of the whole rent-reporting user journey – starting from different customer entry points to the signup completion, and the subsequent subscriber retention and strategies to encourage customer referrals of our products.

Starting from Mobile & Several Rounds of Low to Mid Fidelity Mockups

From google analytics, more than 50% of our users browse our service from mobile devices.

We use heat-map tool, google analytics and to keep track of user behaviors and page conversions. Every 2 weeks, I will give a design update proposal based on the reflection.

Error Handling Mapping

In traditional ways, we directly mockup the error messages on the screens. Since this signup form is very long and have multiple credential gateways in between steps, it will be inefficient to mock them directly. So I created this form and sit down with our product owner, UX writer and developers to discuss if these system error feedbacks make sense and guide the user correctly. You can learn more about this form from my blog post – Product Error Handling and Mapping

Project Details

Skills Needed:

User Experience
User Interface
User Testing


Case Studies


Adobe Illustrator
Sketch App
UX Writing

Project URL:

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