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The Challenge - Should We Provide Pricing Tiers?

The business side first brought out this idea of having 2-3 pricing tiers to the team in order to expand market. However, our product is actually a really simple and direct service that is hard to be divided into tiers. On the other side, we have customers saying that they like our simple single plan so we were not sure if the tiers will make negative impact on our conversion rate. We decided to use design sprint method to solve this challenge.
As the sprint facilitator, I gathered co-workers from the customer service team, engineering team, product owner, and our CEO. We ideated and prototyped 2 solutions for an A/B test in Optimizely. One is a single plan with less description and the other is a two 2 pricing tiers plan.
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A/B Testing- Single Plan Won

The A/B test result showed the single plan below still drove a better conversion rate which was against our expectations. We thought a cheaper pricing tier would attract more potential customers, but the result shows that our target customers prefer fewer choices and more transparency.

Pricing A: 2 Pricing Tiers with Graphic Description

Pricing B: Single Pricing

Single Pricing Design Refinement

I was responsible for UI and UX design as well as facilitating a design sprint dedicated to redesign pricing structure.
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I come from Shanghai and now I’m based in Los Angeles. Currently, I’m open for new opportunities in California. I have experience in web applications, mobile apps as well as the internet of things. I also write as a designer.

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