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Starting From The Macro - Rent-Reporting User Journey

I didn’t dive into the signup flow right away. Instead, I stepped back and took a look at the holistic picture of the whole rent-reporting user journey – starting from different customer entry points to the signup completion, and the subsequent subscriber retention and strategies to encourage customer referrals of our products.

The Challenge - Error Handling

In traditional ways, we directly mockup the error messages on the screens. Since this signup form is super long and have multiple credential gateways in between steps, the messaging could be various. So I created this form and sit down with our product owner, UX writer and developers to discuss if these system error feedbacks make sense and guide the user correctly. 
You can learn more about this form from my blog post – Product Error Handling and Mapping

Iterations - Mockups & User Testing

The design of the whole platform was started from scratch and I was responsible for both UI and UX design. 
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I come from Shanghai and now I’m based in Los Angeles. Currently, I’m open for new opportunities in California. 

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